Make Trigonometry Interactive!

TrigIt allows your students to apply the Mathematics they have learnt to real world scenarios.


TrigIt allows you to explore mathematics outside of the classroom. It allows teachers to give their students the opportunity to investigate the purpose of trigonometry, in the world around them, through student-centred investigations.


As teacher's of mathematics one of our goals is to teach our students to apply and interpret their mathematical knowlege, so that it can help them solve everyday problems. TrigIt is a tool that teaches students to do this.


Trigit allows students to make meaningful connections between the theory of trigonometry and its use in practical contexts in the real world. This develops their understanding and it encourages them recognise Mathematics in a variety of contexts.

Get the right angle with TrigIt!

  • Measure an angle

    The built in inclinometer uses your phones camera to ensure you get an accurate angle measurement. Simply tilt your phone and align the cross-hair with the top of the object you are measuring.

  • Input a distance

    Use a measuring tape or trundle wheel to measure the distance you are standing away from the object.

  • Generate a diagram

    TrigIt represents the above measurements by generating clear and concise diagrams that are easy to understand and interpret. Save these diagrams to your camera roll, so that you can come back to them later.

How TrigIt works?

Install the app

The TrigIt app can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store for IOS or the Google Play Store for Android.

Collect your measurements

Measure the distance you are standing away from an object and use the TrigIt inclinometer to measure your angle. You can save each diagram generated by the app straight to your phone.

Calculate your results

Calculate the height of your object using trigonometry or let TrigIt do the maths for you, by revealing a worked solution with an in app purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a free app?

Yes. TrigIt is a free app. It has been created so that students can download it and use all of the features required for a TrigIt lesson for free. There is an in app purchase to reveal worked solutions.

Can students download this app for free?

Yes. A common road block for using app's in the classroom is that they often require payment. This was TrigIt's number one goal, to make a free app that was accessible to students.

Will this run on any device?

TrigIt has been designed to run on any android or iOS smart phone or tablet.

Can this app be used for other purposes or just by students learning maths?

No. This app can be used by anyone who wishes to know the height of an object. Workers in the construction and tree lopping industries can use TrigIt to help them estimate the heights of buildings and trees in their workplace.

Does the app provide worked solutions?

Yes. The TrigIt app provides full work solutions, however, this feature is only available through an in app purchase.

Is any extra equipment required?

To complete the TrigIt activity a measuring tape or trundle wheel is required, to measure the distance you are standing away from an object accurately. If this is a problem, you could stride it out - but you would need to consider that this would impact the accuracy of your measurement.

Is the in app purchase a one off?

Yes. Once you purchase the worked solutions you will have access to all future solutions.

What does offset mean in the diagram?

The offset means that your are not measuring the angle of elevation from the ground. So if you were holding your phone 1 metre off the ground when measuring the angle, you would add 1 metre in the offset box. If you were measuring the angle from the ground, then there would be no offset. You just need to remeber to add the offset to the height of your object in your final calculations.

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Why was TrigIt created?

My name is Prue and I am a high school Mathematics teacher and TrigIt is my creation. As a passionte teacher, I endeavour to find and create activities that will engage my students and make their learning more meaningful. Ever since I started teaching in 2013, I have loved the idea of taking students outside to measure objects as a part of their trigonometry topic. The major problem I have faced though is that class sets of inclinometers are hard to come by, so the angle measurement part of the activity was the hardest to tackle. Each year I would jump on the app store thinking that it would be such a good app and surely someone has thought of it, and each year to my surprise there was nothing. In 2020 I thought, well if someone hasn’t developed this app in the 7 years that I had been looking – than why not give it a go myself! So I made an app! I hope you love the app and find it a useful tool to aide your teaching of trigonometry – just like I do.


Use TrigIt for free!

Download TrigIt for free and start measuring the world around you! The app allows you to measure angles, generate clear and concise diagrams and save them to your device free of charge!